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At the beginning of 2012, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that over 70 percent of American households had internet access. At that time the U.S. population was in the neighborhood of 312.8 million people. Considering the fact that 90 percent of American web users made at least one retail purchase via the internet during 2011, this means that nearly 200 million American spent money online during that year.

While these statistics provide all the evidence businesses need to justify the most extravagant online marketing budgets, it says nothing of the millions of Americans whose brick and mortar retail purchases were influenced by internet research. Any way you slice it, it is clear that the future of business resides online. This means that every company that plans on being relevant for an extended length of time must prioritize online marketing and cutting edge SEO.

The good news is SEO resellers can make online marketing affordable to every business, regardless of size or budget. Two of the most valuable services that SEO resellers offer are website design and white label SEO. By reselling SEO web design, clients can invest in state of the art platforms with the flexibility needed to meet their unique requirements. Since resell SEO websites are already up and running, the turnaround time is fast. Furthermore, by investing in reseller websites clients can save thousands of dollars over what it would cost to do their own web design in house.

White label SEO is an excellent companion to reseller websites, because it allows the name, brand, or logo to appear front and center on their new websites. The most obvious advantage of white label SEO is that it makes it affordable for businesses to get noticed. The ROI of white label SEO makes is an ideal choice for small businesses and start ups.

In this day and age, businesses need to do whatever they can to strike the right balance between aggressive marketing strategies and reducing costs. For this reason along, SEO reseller provide a service that is effective yet affordable for any business, regardless o find industry, size, or budget

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