What is Reselling SEO?

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If you following the online marketing industry today, then youre familiar with SEO, or search engine optimization. And if youre a web design company that provides other businesses with a strong web presence, you know how much your clients value an online identity that connects them conveniently for your customers.

With this is in mind, becoming an SEO reseller might be the perfect way to grow your own business while offering your customers the expanding online services they require. When you resell SEO, you outsource the production of quality SEO content to third company, which has the resources and skill set to compile a full package of content designed to increase your client’s online visibility and provide more customers with its product. The SEO company you hire then partners with you to customize the package the way you prefer, and you in turn resell SEO to your client under your own brand name. This is known as white label SEO.

Reselling SEO allows you to focus on the other aspects of your business and entrust the SEO content to experienced professionals whose main priority is to boost your companys ability to provide quality SEO strategies to your customers. The company that sells you the white label SEO benefits in turn from the increased distribution of its product to your clients throughout the country.

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